Jeans Gallo Fiber Art and More

About Jeans Gallo, MPH

Jeans Gallo is an artist, public health witch and co-host of MakeHERspace Radio Hour at Makerpark Radio. Their mission is healing through public health research, fiber and visual art, tarot, comedy and movement. Jeans attended the University of Delaware where they majored in Anthropology and Women and Gender Studies. During their time as an undergraduate student they volunteered for the university’s sexual assault and domestic violence hotline and presented workshops on consent and healthy sex to other students. After moving back to New York, they attended a 200 hour yoga training at Joschi Yoga Institute in 2013 and has been teaching yoga, and sometimes dance, for seven years. They have been studying tarot for about just as long. In 2015 they went on to the CUNY Graduate School of Public Health where they focused on Community Health Education in the areas of sexual and reproductive health. They have experience in qualitative research methods as well as the creation and implementation of healthy relationship and consent curricula. They graduated with a Master’s Degree in Public Health in 2017.


These days they work part time as a dance and art instructor with Illuminart Productions and make macramé creations in their spare time. Macramé, dance, tarot, and sexual exploration are parts of their spiritual practice, but at it's core their spirituality is based on a veneration of the mundane. Anyone can practice witchcraft simply by putting healing intention into every day tasks, such as cooking and cleaning. Subscribe to my Patreon to see exclusive content!